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Evan asks everyone to donate to Dancers Care Foundation either from our Donate Page or towards our Dollar Project where you can click “share” to spread the word about our Hope Mural.

Dancers Care Foundation unites with dance celebrities every month. We feature unique spokespersons with their personal statement and feelings about the cancer fight in our monthly newsletter. They then promote Dancers Care Foundation to their colleagues and fans and change their Facebook profile to our “We all Need someone” pic for their month. We would like to thank each and every dance celebrity that is on board with us. Stay in touch with them via our email newsletter.

Courtney Galiano

-So You Think You Can Dance, The Beat Dance Convention

“Dancers Care Foundation is an organization I hold extremely close to my heart now more than ever. It’s a funny thing. I think we all grow up never thinking anything harmful could happen to us or those around us that we love… cancer just happens to others, not ME or MY family or MY friends… just others. …My grandfather recently has been diagnosed with cancer. We are all affiliated with someone who has been affected by this disease and so I think we should honor those we love and care for by fighting back.

I am proud to be a part of the dance community and I can say with confidence that dancers are the most passionate individuals. If we get together and fight for this cause, I truly believe we can do our part to help find a cure. My grandfather is a fighter and by getting involved with the Dancers Care Foundation, I want him to know that I’ll be fighting with him.”

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Gina Starbuck

-Wicked, Adam Lambert, America’s Got Talent, Edge PAC

“I am a proud ambassador for the Dancers Care Foundation. I’m also an ambassador for people using their talents to help those in need! And the more that we can support and uplift each other, especially in times of need, the more we create quality art. It’s the creative flow with a purpose that makes a difference in not only our lives, but the lives of people everywhere. It’s a cause and affect of pure loving energy, without judgment… And that has healing power! Not to mention the money that we raise toward ground breaking research. I encourage you all to help in any way. :)”

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The ICON Dollz

ICON Dance Complex, Englishtown, NJ

“The ICON DOLLZ are a new dance crew of female teenage dancers whose mission is to dance for a cause. The name “ICON DOLLZ” originated from the inspiration of “Shine on Now”, the American Girl’s charitable effort that supports important causes and encourages girls to be their best by giving back in their communities. As their director, I feel it’s important to teach these young women how much more rewarding dance can be than a simple applause.

My goal is to teach the girls to reach out and touch the lives of those who are less fortunate through dancing, caring and helping to raise funds. I believe Dancer’s Care Foundation is the perfect way for the ICON DOLLZ to work together as a dance crew to give back. Thank you to Dancer’s Care Foundation for providing us with this opportunity.” -Beth Hubela, Director of the ICON Dollz

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Jim Keith

Founder of The Movement, Managing the finest choreographers and dance educators in the world

“I wanted to be involved because it deals with two things that are close to my heart. Dance and Cancer. Dance saved my life, literally, in more ways than one and cancer has effected the lives of numerous people around me that I love dearly. My own mother being one of them. I also learned not to long ago that a high school friend that is only 37 years old, is terminally ill with lung cancer. My former partner had his mother pass away from cancer and I have had several of my clients have to deal with similar situations over the years. My dear friend Hollywood dance photographer Levi Walker (pictured with me) has had close people to him be effected by cancer a well.

Because our community is so small we really have the opportunity to make a difference by spreading the word about this amazing organization that has taken the initiative to focus its funds, energy and resource specifically on the dance community. Please join me this month is letting the world know that Dancers Care about their own and never give up.” – Jim Keith, Founder

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Gregg Russell

Founder of Tap into the Network and

“Dancers Care is an incredible organization that shows that dancers can be bigger than themselves. It teaches future generations to give back to those who suffer. Cancer is an ongoing dilemma in our society and without the positivity and spirit of dance artistry, this would be an even bigger task to overcome. Life is a gift and we should celebrate it with our passion that is dance.”
Gregg Russell

Jamie Salmon

Master Ballet Instructor

“As a 2X ovarian cancer survivor and living with a diagnosis of NH Lymphoma, it is an honor to be a spokesperson for such a selfless organization such as Dancers Care. Not many foundations can boast giving 100% of their proceeds to the cause.

With $1 or more, Dancers Care Foundation allows dancers to become part of a fierce united front to support the research and development of new drugs, treatment and early detection methods for all cancers.

Together we can conquer and cure… so Join the Dancers Care Foundation and become part of this force. And, feel the love of the positive energy of the entire dance market. What can you donate today?”
Jamie Salmon

Safi Thomas

Choreographer, Educator and Philanthropist

“I believe that be it ballerina, jazz dancer, contemporary or hip-hop, we are all human beings first. When Dancers Care is asking us all to unite they are really asking humanity to unite. Cancer is a human problem not an individual one. As dancers we spend our lives using our bodies as our palette. When that body is under attack, the disease strips us of our instrument. To find a better modality for cancer treatment and cure we must unite and focus our efforts on bringing our collective needs to the forefront. Better healthcare for dancers, clinics that help dancers, nutrition, cancer prevention strategies and more are necessary for the growth, protection and preservation of our worldwide dance community”
Safi Thomas

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