Dancers Care Foundation aims to represent the unified voice of the dance community by providing the most powerful, active awareness movement built by dancers and dance companies who are dedicated to our cause.

Let’s take on this fight as passionately as the dance community pursues its art.

Dancers Care Foundation raises awareness and funds to help prevent cancer and ultimately find a cure. Our primary objective is to generate revenue to support medical research in the fight against cancer, with dancers and dance-related businesses at the forefront of giving.

The result of our work provides funding to doctors and researchers for innovative clinical and genetic research. We rely on corporate sponsorship, united dance-community efforts, and donations from the public to run our programs.


The Dancers Care Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that is run solely on donated time and funds. There are no administrative costs associated with the foundation, which make it a truly 100% nonprofit organization. All proceeds donated to the Dancers Care Foundation are used to give assistance to young dancers who are actively getting treated for cancer, and are used to fund medical research to make advancements in the cure for cancer.


The Dancers Care Foundation was created and organized by dancers and dance-related companies who recognized their power to make an impact. By uniting the dance community around this cause, we can and will make a difference. We have had such an impact in the nonprofit community that the Dancers Care Foundation has inspired those outside the dance community to want to join hands and fight alongside us.

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Dancers Care Foundation was initially created to support those impacted by the devastations of breast cancer. As of today, we now support and fund-raise for all forms of cancer, through dance programs that help us share hope and improve the quality of life for those living with cancer and to support the researchers who will ultimately find a cure. Through events like Dancing Today for Tomorrow’s Cure–The Competition for a Cause and Dancers Care Foundation Week, as well as our motto “We All Need Someone” and song “A New Day” we are showing how dancers can make a creative difference when they unite and dedicate their efforts to the cause.


This motto is supported by the new song “A New Day.” Download the song now, and a portion of the proceeds will immediately be donated to our cause.

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