$1 Project

Donate $1 Today

There are approximately 20,000 dance studios in the United States. Imagine the amount of dancers that attend each studio. If each of us took a moment to donate one dollar (minimum) to Dancers Care Foundation, as an industry, we could truly make a huge impact in the fight for a cancer cure. 

The $1 Project has a mission to motivate dance studio owners. What can YOU do with each and every one of your students to inspire them to take part? What if each one of your students donated $1 to Dancers Care Foundation to become united with thousands of dancers across the nation?

Soon, we hope to name honorary studios on behalf of the $1 Project when they send in lump sums in their studio’s name. It all begins with a dollar.

IDEA: Dedicate a month at your studio to Dancers Care Foundation’s $1 Project and begin collecting one dollar from each your students. Get creative! Ask them to donate, dress up in pink, write poems or create drawings with their $1 donations. Send your final monthly amount to Dancers Care Foundation with a check and a group photo and we will publicize your efforts.

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