Shop with the displayed dance businesses who donate a portion of proceeds towards a product/service to our cause. Visit their sites and support! If you’re a business that wants to be involved, please click here to fill out our Shop Partners Form.

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Cliche Cosmetics

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DCF Pink is a sheer, pink, unscented gloss designed by Courtney Galiano from “So You Think You Can Dance” for Dancers Care Foundation. 100% of proceeds benefit Dancers Care Foundation with purchase. DCF Pink is $12.

“I’m a cancer survivor myself and really want to help others to fight this awful illness. Together we can!” Jessica Lighter

International Dance Supplies Limited

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We are donating proceeds from the Neon Pink Glitter Cowboy Hat to Dancers Care Foundation. 30% of proceeds will be donated with each sale. The Neon pink cowboy hat is $5.00.

“International Dance Supplies Ltd are pleased to support the Dancers Care Foundation. Many of our lives have been affected by cancer and we are passionate about joining forces with other dance organizations to raise funds and assist in finding a cure.”

ABC For Dance

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This Ballet Coloring Sheet Series is a fun way for dancers to learn their ballet positions, arabesques and body positions with this series of reproducible coloring sheets. French, Russian and Cecchetti methods are included. 75% of proceeds benefit Dancers Care Foundation with purchase. Ballet Coloring Sheet Series is $25.95.

“At the age of 29 I lost a friend and colleague to breast cancer. Her doctors delayed her diagnosis by almost 8 years because “she wasn’t old enough to have breast cancer”. Only through research and education can we eradicate this disease.” Anneliese

Dance Studio Connect

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Dance Studio Connect will donate 20 dance studio listings for Dancer’s Care Foundation. 20 dance studios will get a listing on our site to advertise their studios to local dancers searching for new classes or studios. Each listing is $99, totaling $1,980.00. 75% of proceeds go to Dancers Care Foundation.

“Breast Cancer poses an equal threat to, and affects all women around the world. Women comprise a vast majority of the dance community, and because of this, we feel the Breast Cancer cause hits close to home. At Dance Studio Connect, we support all dancers, all women, all victims of Breast Cancer, whether directly of indirectly affected by it, in their celebration of life and personal strength through dance.” Elizabeth Breuder

Body Wrappers

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A portion of proceeds will go to Dancers Care Foundation.

“Body Wrappers is so proud to support Dancers Care Foundation and its cause.”