Meet the Creator of “New Day”

Jason Stanley of 7P Music has produced and written the song “New Day” specifically for Dancers Care Foundation. It has become the theme song to our motto, “We All Need Someone.” We are honored to share with you some of the insight that Jason had when writing the song. Learn more about what “New Day” means through this interview with NEXT GEN insider, a reputable email magazine within the dance niche.

What prompted your interest in getting involved with Dancers Care Foundation?

We’ve known Sandy Coyte for many years now, and we know what a great job she has done with Dancers Care Foundation. So when we heard that Sandy needed a song for Dancers Care, we wanted to be involved.

Tell us the story of how it came together.

“New Day” was slowly created by trying to incorporate three ideas. One: People had to be able to dance to it. Two: We wanted it to have an uplifting and positive vibe. Three: We wanted it to address cancer in a way that was serious but not cliché. It took a little time to figure all that out and put it together in a way that created a good song. Luckily, in the end, it all seemed to come together for us.

What do the lyrics mean?

The song is written from a cancer survivor’s perspective. One of the ideas we really wanted to convey is that once the doctor says you’re cancer-free, the fear and uncertainty don’t immediately go away. It takes along time to build that confidence back up so you don’t feel like you’re looking over your shoulder every day. Also, the lyric ”We all need someone” refers to everyone who supports you through a hard time—even those who might not even know it. “So many hands that cared me back home”

Is there anything you would like dancers, dance teachers or choreographers to do once they hear this song and download it?

I would like them to try to put themselves in the place of the character in this song. Try and feel what it would be like to be a cancer survivor who is starting over and is feeling all the joy and thankfulness of this new beginning but still a little afraid, too. Also, just have fun and dance!

What do you want this song to accomplish for Dancers Care Foundation?

Our hope here at 7P Music is that “New Day” helps raise money and awareness to bring Dancers Care Foundation to the next level. Hopefully the song will connect and inspire people to get involved in any way that they can. We’re so fortunate to be able to use our talents for such a great cause, and we feel that the song has already surpassed our expectations. We believe a cure will be found, and every little bit helps to get closer to that goal.

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