Jim Keith


“I wanted to be involved because it deals with two things that are close to my heart. Dance and Cancer. Dance saved my life, literally, in more ways than one and cancer has effected the lives of numerous people around me that I love dearly. My own mother being one of them. I also learned not to long ago that a high school friend that is only 37 years old, is terminally ill with lung cancer. My former partner had his mother pass away from cancer and I have had several of my clients have to deal with similar situations over the years. My dear friend Hollywood dance photographer Levi Walker (pictured with me) has had close people to him be effected by cancer a well.

Because our community is so small we really have the opportunity to make a difference by spreading the word about this amazing organization that has taken the initiative to focus its funds, energy and resource specifically on the dance community. Please join me this month is letting the world know that Dancers Care about their own and never give up.” – Jim Keith, Founder www.movementmgmt.com

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